Speaking Old

Speaking engagement with United Way of Delaware County, Ohio


“Cathy shared her empowering message of hope and healing with our Women’s Leadership Network and Delaware County Against Human Trafficking Coalition. Her presentation was engaging, thoughtful and very insightful. I am so grateful Cathy steps forward with courage to share her story with the intent of helping others heal from their own brokenness.” 

Barb Lyon
Vice President
United Way of Delaware County

“Cathy is a fierce advocate to speak up against childhood sexual abuse by sharing her story. She embodies what it means to empower the seemingly powerless. If you or anyone you know ever get a chance to hear her message I promise you won’t be disappointed. She’s changing lives and increasing awareness about this unspeakable abuse so many of our children suffer. “

Jeff Jordan
CEO Arrow Industrial Supply
Facilitator, Alpha 12 Step Recovery

I am passionate about empowering others into healing by sharing the six compelling attributes that allow us to pull ourselves back together after brokenness or trauma while reducing depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Let me guide you through how it is possible to recover from intense hurt or abuse, and create a life of value, purpose, and joy.

Let me also raise your awareness to the very uncomfortable statistics of childhood sexual abuse and list out practical actions every single one of us can take to defeat these statistics…starting today.

Ask yourself if you are unintentionally making your children vulnerable to these abuses. I share actions you can take and conversations you can have to reduce your child’s vulnerability.

Take the steps to empower your own healing.

Take the steps to empower your children.

As a society, let’s create empowerment and healing. Allow me to share my message from Broken to Beautifully Whole with your group, company, or organization.

It is time!

Character Under Construction

Cathy Studer presents inspiration for her latest book, how to cope with hardship and grow stronger; from brokenness to beautifully whole.

Lewis Center United Methodist Church

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