Cathy Studer

Dear friends,

It would be a privilege to come out and speak at your next event. I speak on a variety of topics and can also give my personal testimony of sexual abuse survival and how I shifted into thriver through my healing journey and transcended into warrior to help others. After speaking with hundreds of people in women’s group, men’s groups, and organizations, it has been my honor to hear the shared stories and outcomes.

Most people have suffered hurt, emotional pains, challenges, or even trauma that left them feeling broken, defeated, and possibly carrying shame. These experiences leave our mental and emotional health fragile. The consequences can become anxiety, depression, and poor coping choices. There are tools everyone can use build wholeness and propel best potentials.

Everyone deserves to have a life filled with value, purpose, and joy! The worlds needs you!



Speaking Topics

  • Six Attributes that Build a Resilient, Healthy Mindset
  • How to Empower Children by Reducing Sexual Abuse Occurrences
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • Why Self-Compassion is the Best Tool to Eliminate Shame

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"BROKEN TO BEAUTIFULLY WHOLE ... is information, healing, and empowerment embodied"
~ Daphne V. Smith, Author of WHAT'S YOUR SCARLET LETTER?
"Cathy Studer has an amazing way of communicating some of the most important lessons in life, both in person and in her book, “Broken To Beautifully Whole”. Her passion to help those in need by laying out the six attributes of healing is representative of her true nature and caring for others. Cathy Studer is a remarkable person and has truly thrown her whole being into making this a journey to change the life of others. If you are looking for ways to heal, I highly advise reading this book and putting her recommendations in place. Cathy, thank you for sharing your life with us so that we can flourish and be all we can be. "
~ Mary Jean Boone, Senior Diabetes Care Specialist, Novo Nordisk at Novo Nordisk A/S
"Cathy’s passion is to bring awareness to the sickening statistics of childhood sexual abuse and create opportunities for people to have an open dialogue and a path to healing. She is also dedicated to educating people about child abuse and how to prevent it. Cathy knows it is an uncomfortable topic, and she tackles it with sensitivity. I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy as a speaker. Her story of victim to victor will inspire you and educate you on how to be more aware of sexual abuse and how to prevent or stop it in your loved ones’ lives."
~ Angela McDermott, Shareholder + Managing Director Operations at Kaiser Consulting
“Cathy's ability to connect with survivors is seamless and honest.”
~ Lori Poland, MA, LPC, Executive Director for the National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect