The truth is…we are all a little broken.

The gift is…we can all become whole again.


 As a sexual abuse survivor, award winning author, and certified speaker, I am passionate about guiding others that have experienced trauma or brokenness, rejuvenate to wholeness, discover their purpose, and empower their potential. 

As a Darkness to Light facilitator, I guide parents, groups, and organizations to raise their awareness to how we, as a community can defeat child sexual abuse by learning strategies and actionable steps to prevent and respond appropriately.


It is possible to become stronger and more beautifully whole!

It is possible to defeat the child sexual abuse statistics!

In Broken to Beautifully Whole, I demonstrate six compelling attributes to

initiate healing from your hurts while reducing chances for depression, anxiety, or PTSD, and create a life filled with value, purpose, and joy. As an advocate warrior, I identify practical actions along with the uncomfortable conversations that every single person can take to reduce vulnerabilities, empower our children, and defeat sexual abuse statistics.


Broken to Beautifully Whole

“First Prize Winner with Author Elite Awards”


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“Author Cathy Studer’s story begins with the trauma of years of sexual abuse by her step-father, but it doesn’t end there. Step by step, she takes the reader through attributes that healed her, that are applicable not just to abuse survivors, but to anyone dealing with challenges who wants to move toward healing and wholeness. From encouragement to applying gratitude in your life (because finding things to be grateful for increases our happiness), to learning self-compassion rather than self-criticism, to forgiving in order to establish your own worth and joy, she offers practical advice and encouragement. “You have the choice to live with joy and purpose. You have the choice to not let your tragedy or trauma define you.” Wise words and advice from a survivor with not just a compelling story, but a voice for strength and hope.”

 ~S. Hudson, Verified Purchase


Everyone deserves to know their worth, build more 

confidence, and develop into their best potential.


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