Cathy Studer

"The Adventures of Gus and Pasha"

This is an encouraging six-book series that your children will truly enjoy! They are created to be a fun tool to equip our children to build a healthy mental and emotional mindset. All children will encounter challenges or emotional pains, and some will encounter traumas. Let’s empower them to handle these circumstances. Doing so is easier with young children because their brains are more malleable.

Coming Soon in 2024

Ellie Stops Bullying Herself

A Children's Guide to Building Self-Compassion.

Trudy Let's Go of Her Anger

A Children's Guide to Learning

Pasha Finds the Special Ball

A Children"s Guide to Hope

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Classroom Tested, The Smiles Say It All ...

 Each book shares an attribute that helps empower our children to fulfill their best potentials.

What Readers Are Saying

Endorsements from a Pediatric Psychologist, a Counselor, and Educators all are raving about the impact of this book series. 

“Heartwarming stories to help children learn how to cultivate a balanced mindset. It’s a helpful resource for anyone who works with children, and it includes practical tips for helping the children in your life apply these very valuable attributes. Adults can also find valuable prompts to help start and continue important conversations with the children in our lives.”

- Parker L. Huston, PhD

Pediatric Psychologist​

“Beautiful stories about hope and connection. Cathy’s ability to put words to such common confusion for children is truly remarkable. She highlights the beauty of friendship, possibility, and the value of optimism, even when life is challenging. So well done to create strong, healthy mindsets.”

- Lori Poland, MA, LPC

Executive Director, The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect

“As an elementary educator for more than thirty years, I am saddened by the number of students who struggle with overwhelming feelings of sadness, frustration, and worry. These books are a must-read to teach children how to deal with the pressures of childhood while focusing on their positive experiences. You will fall in love with these furry little characters. Parents and teachers alike will find these books a very helpful teaching tool. The set provides a springboard for powerful discussions on positive mental health with elementary-aged children.”

- Sonya Harle, MEd

Elementary Educator

“Cathy Studer’s heart warming children’s book series addresses the importance of open communication. It doubles as a read-a-loud for both SEL (social-emotional learning) goals and many of the reading standards for young learners. This is an excellent tool for teachers and parents to help children grow mentally and emotionally.”

- Lisa Ruman, ESL Teacher

Columbus City Schools