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Begins Jan 18th!
Six-week online program to guide you to apply the six attributes in Broken to Beautifully Whole as habits into your life. In the comfort of your home, you’ll receive encouragement with an outlined action plan to restore wholeness, create joy, and find the confidence you deserve!
This culminates in in reaching your best potential. Don’t let past hurts or traumas define who you become. You get to define who you become. Make the investment into rewiring your brain for your good so you can become stronger and more  beautifully whole. It is time to invest in yourself. You can become Kintsugi!

Each week of the course you will get a motivational video to kick you off for the week, a deeper content document as to the value of building each attribute into your life, and a mindful action plan worksheet to guide you into adapting the attribute as a habit. You’ll also be invited to join a weekly group coaching call to encourage and support.

~Value of each week’s motivational video, valuable deeper content, and mindful worksheet is $150 with the retail value of the six weeks is $900

Your cost for Becoming Kintsugi Online Course is $297



As you build the attributes into your life with the “Becoming Kintsugi” course, you may choose more accountability and guidance with one-on-one coaching. I have walked this pilgrimage as I have a PhD in healing. I would love to help develop you to your potential with more clarity in adapting each attribute as a habit, so you gain the confidence you deserve. I will be honest, kind, yet make you accountable for true implantation. Why be broken, when you can become gold? 
Each one-on-one coaching call is $85.