Coaching Old

Coming Soon in 2020!

A six week online program to guide you to take action and apply the six compelling attributes I share in Broken to Beautifully Whole. This is one-on-one training in the comfort of your own home. If you want accountability, add coaching calls to the program to enforce each attribute as you work through the program.

It’s easy to read a book and have a desire to implement what we read. Then life gets in our way and distracts us from implementing. This is your push for an outlined action plan to restore your wholeness, create joy, make better coping choices, and find the confidence you deserve!

This culminates in reaching your best potentials. Don’t let your past traumas or hurts define who you are. Make the investment into rewiring your brain for good. You can become stronger and more beautiful. You can become Kintsugi! It is time to invest in yourself!

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